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Introduction to Stability Policing and Building Community Resilience

Hosted by
Kyle King
October 22nd | 17:00 CEST | Show in my timezone

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Oct 22

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Here is What You'll Learn

Note: This is an educational webinar focused on bridging the gap between international operations/crisis and professional development, therefore we are charging a nominal fee to cover the costs to administer the program.

The Changing Nature of Warfare and Police

Exploring the subject of the Changing Nature of Warfare and the role of Police, Dr. Pascal Carlucci (TBC) will provide an overview of the challenges and changing landscape of conflict and the role of police in these new environments.

Introduction to Stability Policing

LTC Massimo Pani (ITA) will join us to provide an overview of NATO Stability Policing, How NATO addresses the issues of Policing in post-conflict environments, and the challenges to deploying and operating in these environments.

NATO Stability Policing Center of Excellence (COE) Conference (Virtual)

Webinar attendees will have the opportunity to attend the NATO Stability Policing COE conference virtually between the 5th and 8th of October. Details will be provided during the webinar session on October 1st.

Building Host Nation Police Capacity with US DoJ (ICITAP)

Eric Beinhart will discuss SILED, ICITAP’s work with the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) to develop a uniform, standardized project design template for the entire organization, and ICITAP’s approach to monitoring and evaluating projects

Follow Up Q&A Session

During the webinar series we will be collecting questions from the attendees. Once we have enough questions we will conduct a final wrap up webinar to review the questions and should there be enough on a certain topic, we will invite the guests back to answer them specifically.


About Kyle King

Webinar host and also speaking on the topic of moving societies from post conflict to resiliency by deploying emergency management and capacity building programs, and conveying the importance of all things being local both in EM and in operations. Mr. King has over 20 years experience in international operations, to include Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Kosovo. The last of which was on an assignment with NATO in Kosovo for over seven years as a Civil Emergency Advisor.

October 22nd
17:00 CEST